Dauerausstellungen Natur

Aesthetics of Nature



The Colour room exhibits the collection’s birds, butterflies and mammals and their plethora of strategies to disguise, trick, attract or alarm. A segment on the cultural history and significance of pigments and dyes completes the exhibition.


In the Shape room, crabs and starfish, an elephant skull and a Saiga antelope, a hummingbird nest and a coconut all reveal how over the course of evolution, solutions to the challenges of life have been found.


While hammerhead sharks patrol the “waters” of the Movement room, springboks take flight from a rapidly approaching cheetah, and seven swans fly just above visitors’ heads. These and many other animals from the collections demonstrate the numerous variations of swimming, running and flying.


Finally, fossils from the region provide visitors in the Time room a look at the history of the origins of contemporary nature, beginning with 400 million year old trilobites and armored fish, to crocodiles, turtles and manatees, and finally to mammoths, hippopotamus and hyenas.