Collectors Circle

Kuratoriumsmitglied Hartmuth Jung und Direktor Alexander Klar vor David Novros’ Gemälde „Untitled", 2006

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Supporting Circle for the Promotion of Exhibitions and Purchases of Contemporary Art in the Wiesbaden Museum

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Collectors Circle

The Collectors Circle is a small group of people interested in promoting exhibitions and acquisitions of international contemporary art at the Museum Wiesbaden. The group supports the museum in projects by young as well as established artists and thus secures the financing of presentations of contemporary art.

Over the past 20 years, the Museum Wiesbaden has established an international reputation as an outstanding exhibition venue for American avant-garde art since 1950 and for European contemporary art.
art. The Wiesbaden exhibitions on Agnes Martin, Eva Hesse, Ellsworth Kelly and Fred Sandback are regarded as milestones in the reception of the oeuvre of these artists. In addition, since 2013, there have been exhibitions in the project space with promising young artists, some of whom are presenting themselves to a large public for the first time in the Museum Wiesbaden.

Part of the Museum Wiesbaden's self-image is to offer artists a platform on which they can experiment with new ideas. Today, the "Museum als Muse" is a sought-after partner for artists, who are thus not only given exhibition opportunities, but also a direct opportunity for exchange during the creation process of a work or a work phase.

The aim of the Collectors Circle is to accompany the museum in this process. Together with the director and the curators, the members of the Collectors Circle can participate directly in the development process of an artistic project in the museum during artist talks, studio visits and curator tours and accompany the exhibition from the project sketch to its opening.


The members of the Collectors Circle take part in exclusive encounters with artists and exhibition makers who present their upcoming project for the Museum Wiesbaden.
Depending on the exhibition project, these meetings take place in the artist's studio or in the Museum Wiesbaden.


Members are given preferential access to selected existing editions of the museum's artists, as well as privileged access to small new editions that will be created for this circle in future exhibitions.


The members of the Support Association receive an exclusive viewing appointment during the exhibition construction and a personal invitation to the exhibition opening.


On a weekend trip with the director, the Förderkreis visits studios and artists in an art centre.

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