Germany’s Panda

The Garden Dormouse
Study Exhibition

6 Aug — 9 Jan 22

The garden dormouse with its striking dark eye-markings. Photo: Museum Wiesbaden / Bernd Fickert

The Wiesbaden and Rheingau region is home to a rare mammal: the garden dormouse. This mouse-sized rodent with a Zorro mask and long bushy tail inhabits the area in relatively large numbers, but populations in very many other regions of Europe are in drastic decline — which makes Germany responsible for the animal’s conservation. It is, so to speak, the ‘German panda’. Garden dormice are omnivores, living off insects and fruit. They colonize orchards and vineyards as well as the higher, cooler altitudes of Germany’s Mittelgebirge. This study exhibition draws attention to the importance of the garden dormouse and presents the results of the latest research findings.


Hier finden Sie das Begleitprogramm zur Ausstellung, sobald es im Veranstaltungskalender veröffentlich wurde.

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