Voluntary Engagement

Museum Wiesbaden extends its gratitude to our citizen volunteers for their engagement. Their assistance with the many tasks associated with the collections and in preparing exhibitions provides invaluable support to our staff.

Volunteers in the Natural History collection include:

Kristiane Altmann
Paleontological Collection

Herbert Billensteiner

Botanical Collection

Dr. Jan Bohatý
Paleontology Collection

Monika Burk
Documentation / Library

Gerhard Cammerer
Data Processing

Louisa Ebert
Geological Collection

Gesine Friedrich

Prof. Dr. Kirsten I. Grimm
Paleontology Collection

Werner Hammer
Ethnology Collection

Dr. Ulrich Hecker
Botanical Collection 

Dr. Doris Heidelberger
Devon Collection

Hella Hilbert-Frese
Mineralogical Collection

Dietrich Kadolsky
Paleontology Collection

Verena Lenhardt
Botanical Collection

Christiane Matten
Paleontological Collection

Peter Mischler
Butterfly Collection

Karin Müller
Botanical Collection

Edith Rassinger

Klaus Rassinger
Photographic Documentation and Educational Programs

Swane Rodewald
Entomological Collection 

Gisela Schadewaldt
Leaf Miner Collection

Dr. Dieter Schemuth

Charles Schouwenburg
Pleistocene Collection

Marianne Sengebusch
Coordination, Schools and Educational Institutions

Christopher Thomas
Minerals and Rocks Collection

Brigitte Tietze

Sophie Vincent
Collection Mollusca

W.-Rüdiger Wandke
Minerals and Sand Collection

Alfred Westenberger
Butterflies Collection

Dr. Patrick Zell
Geological Collection

Are you interested in volunteering at the Museum Wiesbaden?
Then feel free to contact us.
The head of the Natural History Department, Mr. Geller-Grimm, is looking forward to a conversation with you

0611 / 335 2178 or fritz.geller-grimm@museum-wiesbaden.de

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