August Macke
A Visit to Jawlensky

13 May 2016 — 23 Oct 2016

The August Macke House in Bonn, where the artist lived with his wife Elisabeth from 1911 until his death in 1914, will be temporarily closing its doors for renovation in April 2016 and is sending its collection on tour. First stop – Museum Wiesbaden – home of the most significant Jawlensky collection worldwide. Macke (1887—1914) and Jawlensky (1864—1941) met in Munich before the founding of the Blue Rider. This cabinet exhibition represents something of a reunion, then, for the works of these two major figures. Upon seeing Jawlensky again in Berlin between the world wars, Elisabeth Macke writes, “He had become very ill in the meantime. As I walked toward him, his eyes shone brightly and his heart appeared to warm with the memories of good times past.”