From the Nineteenth
From Schadow to Schuch

13 Nov 2015 — 22 May 2016

This exhibition examines German art of the “long” 19th century from Romanticism to late Impressionism, a significant period of artistic production that paved the way to Modernity. The show encompasses works from the museum’s own collections, as well as those of a major private collection never before open to the public. Key works include the complete work convolutes of Louis Eysen, Hans Thoma and Carl Schuch.

The extreme and manifold artistic production of this period is reflected, here, in the work of some 40 artists, offering a varied and stimulating look into this unique century of tremendous political and artistic transformation made manifest in the lives of artists by changes in social and cultural life that redefined the concept of bourgeois art – a development whose affects remain palpable today.

All Photos: Museum Wiesbaden / Bernd Fickert

Artists Selection

Andreas Achenbach • Oswald Achenbach • Blechen • Böcklin • Eysen • Feuerbach • Gussow • Kanoldt • Hermann Kaulbach • Knaus • Kolitz • Leibl • Lenbach • Lessing • Lucas • Makart • Marées • Menzel • Morgenstern • Pose • Schadow • Schirmer • Scholderer • Schuch • Schwind • Sperl • Spitzweg • Stuck • Thoma • Trübner • Uhde

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