From the Nineteenth
From Schwind to Stuck

14 Jun 2016 — 30 Apr 2017

The Nineteenth - From Schwind to Stuck presents paintings and sculptures from the 19th century. The exhibition transports us through the whole of the 19th century, whose stylistic evolution stretches from the Romantic period to the Biedermeier period and the origins of the Historicism era, arriving in the 1850s to the Realism and Expriossonism periods that would mark the turning points into the Modern era. The corresponding artistic positions, as well as the resulting process of transformation, are exemplarily thematized in the exhibition.

Some works in the exhibition belong to the Museum itself, others are on loan from important private collections for the duration of the exhibition and are being publicly displayed for the first time, uniquely complementing the collection from the Museum . The complexity of the enormous artistic productivity of the era is condensed in the exhibition through the works of approximately 50 artists to a multifaceted and vibrant illustration of the 19th century.

Artists Selection

Achenbach • Becker • Bendemann • Biermann • Corinth • Ehrhardt • Feuerbach • Gebler • Hasselhorst • Hofmann • Höltzel • Hübner • Jacobi • Klinger • Knaus • Kögler • Lenbach • Lessing • Liebermann • Monten • Mühlig • Nehrlich • Normann • Oeder • Piloty d. J. • Piltz • Radl • Ramberg • Riefstahl • Rittig • Rohlfs • Schadow • Scheuren • Schick • Schindler • Schirm • Scholderer • Schuch • Schwind • Seel • Sohn • Stuck • Thoma • Uhde • Zügel