Bastian Muhr

24 Jun 2016 — 9 Oct 2016

Bastian Muhr (*1981 in Braunschweig, lives and works in Leipzig) displays in Museum Wiesbaden’s Projektraum large-format drawings. At the origin of Bastian Muhr’s drawings are previously established systems that distinguish themselves through a combination of a clearly defined objective and coincidence. This systematization serves as a facilitator to the tedious work that is covering a surface with symbol-like shapes, shapes that seemingly forgo any comprehensible type of organization or composition. The features of the materials used, as well as the nature of the hand-drawn execution, are thus pushed to the foreground.

Bastian Muhr explores conventional visual media for formal properties that often only make an appearance through a tedious work process. The limits of traditional imagery are especially questioned through the presentation of the drawings in vitrines, a feature of the exhibition especially developed for the Museum Wiesbaden. The characteristics of the lying pages are thus pushed into the background; the questions of composition and direction play a secondary role.