We have heard of mammoths and cave bears and admired their bones in museums before, but the incredible reconstructions of this exhibition turn Museum Wiesbaden into a gateway to a time on our planet some 30,000 to 15,000 years ago. Here, the last cold period is in full swing and our ancestors come to life in landscapes now unfamiliar to us. The “Ice Age Safari” takes visitors on a trip through time to catch a glimpse of the "big five" of prehistoric times side by side with safari scouts Urs and Lena, as they image what it was like to live in the Serengeti of the Ice Age. Our tour guides are provided by the Reiss-Engelhorn-Museum in Mannheim, cooperation partners for this touring exhibition.

Aside from 60 life-size reconstructions of the woolly rhinoceros, cave lion, giant deer and other mammals, the exhibition features their fossils, as well. Original finds from our region — Lahn, Main and Rhine — are on display alongside the artifacts of our direct ancestors, who hunted on horseback in Igstadt and bathed in Wiesbaden’s hot springs.

Ancestors who once lived on the Lahn left us their jewelry, and slates containing thousands of drawings of animals and humans have been discovered on the Rhine. Hands-on stations make the exhibition tangible for children and adults alike. An Ice Age travel book and children's magazine are available, as well, to keep the experience alive long after the return to everyday life.