Holger Schmidhuber
Broken Territories

10 Feb 2017 — 23 Apr 2017

Holger Schmidhuber has been producing his cycle of works Carpets of the Forgotten since late 2014. Hand-woven oriental rugs, some of them up to a century old, form the foundation of the pieces in this cycle. The carpets, adorned with the artist’s gesticular painting, are displayed as walk-in floor sculptures. Each of the works contains short, typographical statements – fragments from the artist’s own song lyrics, poems and notes.

Schmidhuber’s works from this cycle will take up temporary residence in the rooms of the Old Masters collection. What is more, the artist invited the musicians Christopher Dell and Jarii van Gohl to compose original compositions in dialogue with his works, which form a soundscape to the exhibition. Broken Territories breaks down the boundaries between the distinct territories of visual and sound art.