Jonas Weichsel

17 Nov 2016 — 19 Feb 2017

The art of Jonas Weichsel (*1982) examines the complex questions of materiality and the effects of artistic – to be precise, painterly – media.

For the exhibit in Museum Wiesbaden, Weichsel carefully considered the structural and dimensional relations of the Project Room and its particular characteristics, allowing these to guide the selection, quantity and series of works to display. In a procedure not unlike the process of painting, Weichsel unites the individual works to a spatial whole. Each work constitutes an element with its own contrastive dynamic; all are set in relation to one another, yet remain specific to the spaces they occupy. They turn the Project Room into a “walk-in” painting, of sorts, a peculiar site of intensified mindfulness.

Weichsel’s paintings can be understood as a process of aggregation. Once found, forms of expression are repeated and varied. The broad brushstrokes that form the basis and hallmark of his work (installation in the Judd room, level 2) serve as a template for the large-scale works in the Project Room. The window motif has its origins in painting and the stripe formation of the wall work can be seen as a reflection of visual expression. Physical space and visual space are intertwined; reality and illusion put into relation with one another. Different image media point simultaneously to the protean possibility and material boundaries of every painting.

Jonas Weichsel studied at the art academies in Düsseldorf and Mainz, as well as at the Frankfurter Städelschule. He has been awarded the Karl Schmidt-Rottluff Fellowship (2012) and the Villa Romana prize (2016), among others, and lives and works in Frankfurt am Main.

Artist talk and catalogue presentation
on 2 February 2017.