Together with Thomas Bayrle, we direct a 50th anniversary exhibition commemorating the artist’s museum premiere, here, in Wiesbaden in 1966. Fifty years ago, Bayrle’s machines filled an entire room devoted solely to the exhibition. Contemporary reviews of the “Rogue from Bergen-Enkheim” (Nassauische Landeszei­tung) described his work as “intentionally confrontational . . . [taking up] phenomena of mass hysteria for an apparently comical variation of pop with a critical footnote. … [It is] ‘historical painting’ as pop-spectacle, high-spirited and, yet, denouncing the status quo like a town crier full of wrath” (Frankfurter Rundschau).

Thomas Bayrle’s machines from the original exhibition will be on display together with studies and sketches, as well as current works produced in the last few years. Just as before, Bayrle’s work continues to dazzle with aesthetic analysis and subtle critique of our current life-world and the images that surround us. The exhibition is being developed in close cooperation with the artist himself. Bayrle’s work and his years of teaching at the Städelschule in Frankfurt have made him a shaping force in the art scene of the Rhine-Main region. The exhibit will also encompass works from the artist’s father, Alf Bayrle.




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