Since 2015, Museum Wiesbaden has invited artists to “customize” projects and works for the exhibition rooms of the museum’s second level. The idea is that the space and the emerging work are to mutually influence on one another.

In his exhibition, Thomas Werner juxtaposes his large-scale canvases in tempera on corrugated cardboard (so-called maquette) with works in tempera on plaster.  The hand-cast plaster plates produce a shallow relief similar to that of the cardboard. The two image backgrounds are currently at the heart of his work. They may serve as model or starting point for the larger works painted on jute or may stand as autonomous works in their own right. For the artist, the small-format works form an equally significant part of the exhibition. The principle of the exhibition’s arrangement, showing the pieces adjacent to one another, is to encourage viewers to experiment with perspective, taking up positions both near and distant to the pictures.

Opening: 27 Jul 2017 at 7 p.m. with summer party


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