Walter Stöhrer
Black Man

15 Jul 2016 — 18 Sep 2016

As a student of HAP Grieshaber in Karlsruhe, Walter Stöhrer was exposed early on to the work of Abstract Expressionists Cy Twombly and Jackson Pollock. What makes his own work, with its eruptive bands of color and palpable sincerity, so distinctive, however, is its figural character – comparable in its wild intensity to the work of Willem de Kooning. With impressive artistic skill, Stöhrer unites the furiously gesticular with the invariably figural – a virtual feat in post-1945 art. This radical position reached its pinnacle in 1977. Museum Wiesbaden holds an exemplary work from this phase of Stöhrer’s production – Black Man – in its permanent collection. This exhibition, conceptualized in close cooperation with the Walter Stöhrer Foundation, will include other paintings from the year 1977, providing a larger context for the analysis of this significant work.