Liquid Light

Joseph Marioni

29 Jun 18 — 14 Oct 18

Joseph Marioni, White Painting (Detail), 2005, Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg © Joseph Marioni

Joseph Marioni, born in Cincinnati in 1943, is one of the leading exponents of a type of radical painting, devoted entirely to color – above all, to its application and effect. Marioni’s translucent layers of paint provide the occasion for intensive examination and almost meditative immersion. With around 40 works, the exhibition traces Marioni's unique artistic development and spans a period of almost 50 years. The exhibition was created in close collaboration with the artist himself:

"I am working within the general frame of reference that the practice of painting, as an art form, is in the midst of a significant change. The art of painting is moving away from the personal expression of storytelling in the composition of the picture-form, and working towards the structural identity of the painting’s own painted form. We are in a transition out of pictorial representation and into concrete actualization. The primary focus of this transition is towards the recognition of the unalienable conditions of the painting’s own being, and this is a fundamental paradigm shift in how we understand the art of painting. It is the painted quality of color that determines the practice of painting per se, and at the painting’s core is the presentation of a moment of light. In the architecture of concrete painting, function follows light. The fundamental question remains: what does the painter do after the invention of the camera? And the answer lies in their intimate relationship with paint." (Joseph Marioni)

Dates to the exhibition

Hier finden Sie das Begleitprogramm zur Ausstellung, sobald es im Veranstaltungskalender veröffentlich wurde.

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