Hessian State Museum of Art and Nature

Museum Wiesbaden is one of three state museums in the State of Hesse and is supervised by the Hesse State Ministry of Arts and Sciences.


The state museum in the Hessian capital can now look back at a 200-year history. Its establishment between 1812 and 1825 is the result of the initiatives of the educated classes of the still young capital city of the Duchy of Nassau.

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Education and Communication

The museum education offers events and courses for school classes, children and families.

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Friends & Partners

Museum Wiesbaden was founded in the early the 19th century by citizens of the city. Today, our work in the expansion of the museum and its collections continues to be fostered by numerous friends and partners.


Museum Wiesbaden extends its gratitude to our citizen volunteers for their engagement.


Permanent Exhibition

The art collections, spanning from the 12th century to the present, include the following focal points: Old Masters, Classical Modernism, Modern and Contemporary.


The holdings of the art library at Museum Wiesbaden encompass some 40,000 volumes.


Museum Wiesbaden operates two workshops for the restoration of paintings and paper.


Museum Wiesbaden is not only a site of art but of research at a number of levels.

Art Prizes

The Alexej von Jawlensky Prize and the Otto Ritschl Prize are awarded in Wiesbaden.


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Permanent Exhibition

The permanent display of the Natural History Collections, with its nearly 5000 animals, plants and fossils creates a bridge between art and nature. The carefully preserved natural objects make up the focal point, thematically divided among four rooms.

Natural History Collections

The natural history collections of Museum Wiesbaden encompass more than a million natural objects in the service of science and research.


The library of the natural history collections encompasses over 40,000 sources.

Taxidermic Preparation

Several hundred specimens have been preserved and prepared in recent years for the permanent exhibition of the natural history collection.


In addition to their work on the museum’s own research projects, our expert staff assists external scholars in their work.


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Special Exhibitions

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Bees on the Roof

In the flowers in and around the museum bees collect pollen for the city’s best-loved honey.