Bees on the Roof of Museum Wiesbaden 

Bears aren’t the only ones who love honey. For more than 9000 years, humans have been eating the golden nectar, and Museum Wiesbaden also harvests honey for its visitors.

A colony of bees works away on the museum’s rooftop. The bees collect pollen and nectar from the flowers and plants along Wilhelmstraße, at Warmer Damm, in the Kurpark and the surrounding fields. The areas around Museum Wiesbaden offer a special array of blooming plants from domestic to numerous exotic varieties.

The honeycombs give off a special aroma, a scent familiar from Mediterranean countries. Connoisseurs of variety and taste will savor the unique flavors in a jar of the museum’s honey. It turns every breakfast into a magical moment.

In the last few decades, “city honey” has become a genuine choice. Local “city” bees feed from a wide variety of flowers and plants available throughout the summer that are, regrettably, almost nonexistent in the countryside. Wiesbaden’s own organic beekeepers “Honigsüß” maintains and cares for the colony. The honey is available for purchase in the museum at 5 euros for a 250 g jar.

To Imkerei Honigsüß

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