Since its establishment in 1994, the Friends of Museum Wiesbaden has been an important link between the city’s residents and the museum, working closely with the museum in carrying out its various activities from coordinating exhibitions to enabling the acquisition of new works for its collections.

A main focus of the Friends’ support lies in the cultural education of children and youth. The museum’s broad spectrum of educational programs and activities offers young visitors the opportunity to experience works of art and nature directly and tap into their creative energy.

The Friends take pride in their successful lobby work on behalf of the museum. Their persistent efforts and steadfast commitment over two decades to the conceptual and structural renovations of the museum’s building were an indispensable support.

The museum itself serves as a site and focus of the association’s various activities. Its members gather here for exhibit openings, lectures and concerts, hold discussions with artists and collectors, and plan trips to other art locations. The association profits from the experience and engagement of each individual member.

Members of the association also enjoy discounts on their purchases of catalogues, posters and edited volumes in the museum shop. 

Seven good reasons to become a member of the Friends of Museum Wiesbaden:

1. You will become part of a circle of 1350 like-minded people making a meaningful contribution to cultural funding and promotion.

2. You will enjoy year-round free admission to the permanent collections and special exhibitions of Museum Wiesbaden, the exhibits of the Nassau Art Association Wiesbaden, the collections of the Hesse State Museum Darmstadt, and the Museum Landscape Hesse-Kassel.

3. You are invited to take part in our semi-annual special programs, including a monthly jour fixe, workshops, as well as lectures, readings, concerts and events.

4. You will receive a personal invitation to the openings of all Museum Wiesbaden exhibitions.

5. You can take part in individually tailored and professionally guided art expeditions.

6. You enjoy personal contact to Museum Wiesbaden, artists, collectors and professionals, as well as to our members and many other art enthusiasts.

7. Your membership fees foster the talent and creative imaginations of children and youth through our educational programs, which form a particular focus of our involvement at Museum Wiesbaden. 

Executive Board
Dr. Gerd Eckelmann (Chair)
Dr. Alexander Klar
Evelyn Bergner
Martina Mulcahy
Klaus Niemann
Dr. Renate Petzinger
Ingeborg Salm-Boost
Stefan Spreter (Treasurer)

Board of Trustees
Stephan Ziegler (Chair) 
Jan Baechle
Dr. Susanne Bukenberger
Reinhard Claus
Dr. Michael Freytag
Dr. Peter Hanser-Strecker
Dr. Herbert Hirschler
Hartmuth A. Jung
Adrian Koerfer
Frank-Peter Martin
Dr. Andreas Muschter
Dr. Sandra Pepperl-Klindworth
Thomas Radke
Prof. Dr. Tom Sommerlatte
Mieke Teunen

Freunde des Museums Wiesbaden e. V.
Geschäftsstelle im Haus der IHK Wiesbaden
Anette Simacek
Wilhelmstraße 24 - 26
65183 Wiesbaden
Fon +49 (0)611 ⁄ 1500 136
Fax +49 (0)611 ⁄ 1500 222

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