Dominik Halmer's image objects put painting into the context of functionality. Formal analogies put three-dimensional objects into relation with painted elements and gestures, causing different levels of reality to collide in poetic-associative unity. Halmer's image objects are based on the idea of painting that extends into real space, whereby painting is confronted with a pragmatic functionality that tempts or challenges to (playful) use. The experimental arrangement of the works investigates the relationship between object and representation, between functionality and art. Ready-made objects, such as wheels, handles or balls, become "tools" triggering the viewer’s impulse to act.

 The question of one’s own functionality within a system and its underlying values is posed to viewers against the backdrop of a society oriented towards continual optimization.

In the installation, specifically planned and designed for the space of the Project Room, individual image objects relate to and extend one another, exploring the fundamental ideas of transformation and usefulness. Halmer's "image units" experiment with an internal reference system, suggesting a direct relationship between the image on canvas, object and spatial sign and creating an experiential space that triggers viewers’ “participatory reflex.”