Geological Collection

In addition to specimens of Nassau marble from Villmar, the collection also includes rocks of the Taunus, Westerwald and Hunsrück regions.

Mineralogical Collection

In addition to the specimens on display in the new permanent exhibition, the collection encompasses chiefly minerals from the Nassau region.

Palaeontological Collection

Fossils from the Taunus in the Devonian, the Mainz Basin in the Tertiary and the Mosbach Sands in the Ice Age bear witness to a dynamic geological history.

Botanical Collection

Our lichen, flower, fern and moss collections are among the oldest from the region, creating a record of far more than merely climate history.

Zoological Collection

Our collections of birds and butterflies from around the world are a record of the great interest in natural world and exciting research travels.

Ethnological Collection

Our historical collections from the former colonies, as well as the Amazons and New Guinea are regularly expanded and continue to astonish visitors.

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