The Lot!

100 Years of Jawlensky in Wiesbaden

17 Sep 21 — 14 Aug 22

Alexej von Jawlensky, Saviour’s Face: Expectation (Detail), 1917. Museum Wiesbaden. Photo: Museum Wiesbaden / Bernd Fickert

Anniversary exhibition at Museum Wiesbaden celebrates history of collection with complete show of works by expressionist Alexej von Jawlensky

"They're already waiting for me in Wiesbaden."

— Alexej von Jawlensky to Karl Im Obersteg, May 31, 1921

In June 1921, the Russian painter Alexej von Jawlensky (1864—1941) came to Wiesbaden for the first time and soon after made the decision to settle here. What happened in the years leading up to his death and how the collection of Jawlensky's works has grown to the present day is the subject of the major anniversary exhibition The Lot! 100 Years of Jawlensky in Wiesbaden. The 111 works in the museum's holdings, which outline Jawlensky's entire oeuvre from expressive heads to serial works, will be presented in their entirety for the first time in the museum's history.

Jawlensky Walk

A tour across Wiesbaden

‘They’re already expecting me in Wiesbaden,’ wrote Alexej Jawlensky to a friend in Zurich on 31 May 1921. The painter was sitting at the Badischer Bahnhof in Basel, waiting for the night train to Wiesbaden.

With the launch of the exhibition The Lot! 100 Years of Jawlensky in Wiesbaden, the Museum Wiesbaden also wants to bring stories about the artist to the city. Together with our partners, we will be placing texts at many locations that were significant for Alexej von Jawlensky and telling one or two anecdotes at some of the stations. Stay tuned!

Jawlensky Walk!

One hundred years ago — in June 1921 — Alexej von Jawlensky (1864—1941) decided, almost on the spur of the moment, to settle in Wiesbaden. This jubilee exhibition looks at everything that happened from that moment to the time of his death. There were many successes. He joined the artist group The Blue Four along with Kandinsky, Klee, and Feininger and made a name for himself in America. But in the late 1920s he began to suffer from arthritis, and in the 1930s the National Socialists branded him ‘degenerate’ and Museum Wiesbaden handed his works over to the authorities.

After the war, the city claimed Jawlensky for itself; his life was researched and his art collected. For the first time ever, all 111 works in the museum collection are going on show, in an exhibition spanning his entire artistic career, from the early Expressionist heads to the late serial works.


Hier finden Sie das Begleitprogramm zur Ausstellung, sobald es im Veranstaltungskalender veröffentlich wurde.

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