Anton Kokl

Inner Colours

16 Jun 23 — 24 Sep 23

Anton Kokl, IF ⁄ “Flying White”, 2015 © Anton Kokl

For almost 30 years, Anton Kokl (*1949) has been exploring the artistic possibilities of interference or “inner” colours, as he refers to them. Almost disembodied and diaphanous, they are superimposed on and between the “outer,” usually black or white, colour bands. Sometimes interference colours illuminate, sometimes they nearly vanish. Depending on the viewer’s position and the changing light conditions of the viewing space, the appearance of a given image changes. Kokl’s pictorial language moves in the tension between the construction and dissolution of form, whereby his work relies increasingly on spontaneous, preconscious motion in painting.

He produced a number of extensive groups of works that systematically investigate the richness of variation and creative possibilities of this new artistic colour language in graphic printing and painting — even employing colour media and technical processes he developed himself.

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