Gábor Török


17 Feb 22 — 15 May 22

Gábor Török, Birth of a Longing (detail), 2013

Gábor Török, born in Budapest in 1952, has lived and worked in Wiesbaden since 2004. In addition to exhibitions in Europe, Asia and the United States, he designed a number of large sculptures for public spaces, including in Wiesbaden (Kaiser-Friedrich-Ring and Hofgartenplatz, there with Nina Stoelting).

His forms, mostly executed in bronze, but also marble or stainless steel, are conceived from the figure. And not so much from the static outline, but from the movement: an often physical, human movement, a posture or a gesture.

But movement as an observation in time also plays a role: the curl of smoke from a dying flame, the sprout of a plant are captured in their dynamism. Both stand for development, the form emerges in time.

Basically, time is an essential characteristic of every sculpture, if only because the reception in space requires different points of view and thus includes a temporal course. A positioning of one's own becomes necessary. In Török's work, moreover, the sculpture positions itself, gaining its own specific expression as a counterpart. The artist gives the abstract works a title that invites us to discover them with a wink.

On the occasion of Gábor Török's 70th birthday, the Museum Wiesbaden presents a selection of his works in the central room of the Gemäldegalerie.

Two Sculptures in Public Space


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