Fungi — Food, Poison and Mythology

The Exhibition

More than 1000 fungi, ranging from the giant puffball to the scarlet caterpillarclub, are on display in the exhibition. They are marvels of modern taxidermy, created by Lilo and Klaus Wechsler. With the help of a magnifying glass and a classification guide, visitors are invited to see the diversity of fungal forms and colours for themselves. Fungi have adopted the most widely varied modes of life, ranging from cooperation and mutual benefit, as with the lichens, via the exploitation of dead plants, through to parasitism on insects. Yellow boletus, button mushroom and chanterelle are all welcome on our dinner plates. Many another fungal fruiting body can be discovered during a forest walk. As is well known, not all of them are edible; some are even poisonous. Furthermore, fungi are closely linked with a great many human needs and occasions. Yeasts supply bread, beer and wine. Even the infamous moulds are important for the development of antibiotics which are vital for our survival.

The Rhine-Main Area boasts an internationally-renowned centre for mycology. The Mycology Department at Goethe University Frankfurt, headed by Prof. Dr. Meike Piepenbring, supports the exhibition from a scientific perspective and presents new research findings within the framework of the exhibition.


Information for schools and daycare centres

Apart from presenting miscellaneous mycological topics, the exhibition offers a wide range of hands-on material. What do gills look like? How do I recognise a lichen? What do fungi mean for the forest? These and other questions can be explored at several microscope-stations. In addition, you can see a three-dimensional view of the forest. Cap shapes and colours can be put together as jigsaw puzzles. You can record your results on drawing boards, like a real researcher. There is also a quiz on offer for visitors.

Guided tour
Duration: 45 minutes (1 lesson)
Costs for school and nursery school groups:
45,- euros plus 2,- euros admission ⁄child; 2 guardians free admission
Private groups: 70,- euros plus admission

Extended guided tour
Duration: 90 minutes (2 lessons)
Costs for school and nursery school groups:
75,- euros plus. 2,- euros admission ⁄child; 2 guardians free admission

Guided tour including workshop
Duration: 135 minutes (3 lessons)
Costs for school and nursery school groups:
90,- euros plus 2,- euros admission ⁄child; 2 guardians free admission

Bookings and advice for school groups: 0611 / 335 2185 or
Bookings for private groups: 0611 / 335 2240 or





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