Archipelago — Krause / Schmidt / Toyoda

Intervention in the art collection

21 Oct 22 — 12 Mar 23

Photo: Jan Schmidt

The cabinet exhibition juxtaposes three previously unseen works on paper by Masanori Toyoda with new works by Jürgen Krause and Jan Schmidt.

Jan Schmidt

For his current series of "Salt Leaves," Jan Schmidt was on the Atlantic in the spring of 2020. During a ship's voyage, he scooped up salt water, every day, with the support of the crew — at least when the sea state permitted it and the ship made appropriate distance. He put this water in small drops on a sheet of paper: this is how dots of salt crystal were created. These "daily" sheets form today as a series a documentation of his journey, combined into wonderfully minimalist gems.

Salt leaves (salt crystals), Photos: Jan Schmidt
Salt leaves (salt crystals), Photos: Jan Schmidt
Studio Jürgen Krause, Photo: Cornelia Wruck
Studio Jürgen Krause, Photo: Cornelia Wruck

Jürgen Krause

Anyone familiar with Krause's work knows that he engages in a daily cycle of the same processes. Sharpening pencils, drawing lines, sharpening knives, or even priming a sheet of paper. He carries out the process until it comes to an end: the alternately primed paper eventually becomes so heavy that it can no longer be turned over without difficulty. Now, after 20 years of priming, he has created a new group of works from it.

He himself writes: "The original intention [...] was to prime a sheet of paper in order to be able to draw on it with a silver pencil. The pencil, which I had specially made at that time, remained however lay unused. Now I take it in hand again for the work on the "panels": These are built up like the primers, chalk base on paper. Only here there are fewer layers, perhaps 50 to 70. What is new is that I also use "red bolus". In icon painting, this pale red pigment is used as a layer of color under the gold leaf. As with the white ground, I'm interested in bringing out what's hidden, what's underneath."

Masanori Toyoda

Finally, by Masanori Toyoda, the museum's collection houses three wonderfully restrained works. Toyoda places marks on his sheets that seem almost random and yet are precisely placed. The expanse of possibilities is in tension with the reduced execution, the settings that emerge reminiscent of graphic notations and scores. A game emerges in which each setting is weighed against the whole, what is, but also what is yet to come.

We would like to thank Galerie Friedrich Müller for the loan of the works.

Masanori Toyoda, 2013—3, Photo: Museum Wiesbaden / Bernd Fickert
Masanori Toyoda, 2013—3, Photo: Museum Wiesbaden / Bernd Fickert


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