Butterfly Expedition


Photo: Filmstill

How to bring life to an exhibit?

That is the question I had to ask myself, whilst working on making a Film about this exhibit Butterfly Expedition. With illustrations by Johann Brandstetter.

It is filled to the brims with color and natural scenes. There are enormous Dioramas and even live caterpillars. You will find specimens coming from the four corners of the globe — from caterpillar, over cocoon all the way to the Butterfly, all states of development are represented. Paired with the detailed illustrations by Johann Brandstetter that weave themselves throughout the entire exhibit and provide a unique view on these animals.I wanted to capture the beauty and elegance of these animals.Making a Film under these conditions was a challenge that I gladly accepted: From filming, over editing up to the end product, I was free to do as I please. 

I want to take the viewer on a trip on which he can dive into the word of butterflies without forgetting that it takes place in a Museum and without having to pretend that it is real nature. You will find closeups of swarms, fly through the exhibit and the perspectives change from detail to overview. You will see fine drawings and wild colors.

I hope you will want to visit this exhibition and follow the trail of the butterflies.


Leonard Linzer

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