Temporary Ground

Frank Gerritz

13 May 21 — 29 Aug 21

Frank Gerritz, Center I, 1991/1992, Schroth Collection, Soest. Photo: Museum Wiesbaden / Bernd Fickert

Frank Gerritz is a sculptor. His works evolve by interacting with the surrounding space. He marks aluminium Dibond panels in black crayon (oil pastel). The medium is thickly applied, so that the surface appears completely sealed, while still retaining the texture of the strokes. But in Gerritz’s case, black isn’t just black. The obscured silver surfaces of the anodized aluminium still reflect the room around them, so that a shimmer appears to ‘float’ through the blackening — a vestige of light, altering depending on where you stand and the level of illumination in the room. Gerritz casts blocks of iron, based on the dimensions of his own body. Their ‘footprints’ flow into his initial prints on paper, and provide the scale for the works’ display in relation to the wall.

Spatial thinking imbues his work: sculptures begin at floor level, reflect off the wall and, as drawings on MDF board or aluminium panel, from there redefine the surrounding space.


Iron foundry in Kaiserslautern


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