Kutscher/Reifarth/Machnik reSTART


12 Dec 20 — 14 Mar 21

Filmstill © Vollrad Kutscher, Dieter Reifarth, Hubert Machnik

ARS MUNDI 2020 — Ach, Och und Aerosole is the name of the newly staged video installation by Vollrad Kutscher and his artist colleagues Dieter Reifarth and Hubert Machnik. The current work is being shown as part of a cooperation between the Museum Wiesbaden and the Wiesbadener Kunsthaus. The motto of this double exhibition is "reSTART." Kutscher, whose installation Leuchtende Vorbilder is part of the permanent exhibition inventory of the Museum Wiesbaden, thus returns here in December with an impressive image-sound spectacle.

Also on view will be DUDOLLDU, a video installation with suitcase. Parallel to the vernissage at Kunsthalle Wiesbaden, the accompanying exhibition at Museum Wiesbaden opens on Saturday, December 12, 2020.


Would you like to get an insight into the exhibition in advance?

Watch the video of the exhibition and take part in this way in an online guided tour of the exhibition at the Kunsthaus Wiesbaden and experience a first impression of the video installation ARS MUNDI at the Museum Wiesbaden!

You can also find more information on the homepage of the Stadt Wiesbaden.




all images: Kutscher/Reifarth/Machnik: Ars Mundi 2020 (Filmstills)
all images: Kutscher/Reifarth/Machnik: Ars Mundi 2020 (Filmstills)

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