11 Oct 24 — 16 Feb 25

Association of poster friends

The theme of the publication and exhibition „PLAKATFRAUEN. FRAUENPLAKAT“ is the changing relationship between the poster as an artistic and creative medium and the role played by women.

A selection from the collections of F. W. Neess and Maximilian Karagöz shows the diverse roles of women as they were portrayed on posters in public. These works from the first heyday of German poster design (1905—1921) skillfully stage various roles of the female and thus communicate them to society: they convey what behaviour is socially desirable, what freedoms are conceivable, but also what boundaries were non-negotiable.

For the male poster designer, the woman is the model that is used in a variety of ways.

However, women also designed posters professionally at a time when they still had to fight against prejudices against their gender. Their designs show the growing self-confidence of women to say goodbye to unique handicrafts and small formats and instead enter the public eye with large-format advertising media that could be reproduced in large numbers: Emancipation through poster design.

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