Butterfly Expedition

With illustrations by Johann Brandstetter

17 May 20 — 31 Jan 21

Der Erdbeerbaumfalter. Illustration von Johann Brandstetter

With over 800,000 specimens, Lepidoptera (from the Greek lepis “scale” pteron “wing”) make up the largest group of organisms in the depots of the Natural History Collections. It’s about time, then, to let them show their colors in an excursion through our exhibition rooms!

Many may already know the extensive work of illustrator and artist Johann Brandstetter of Neuötting. His illustrations can be found in over 200 publications, including numerous nature, non-fiction and children’s books, such as the series Was ist Was. With abundant talent and an inexhaustible love of detail, he uses pen and brush to observe nature. Butterflies, in particular, have been one of his favorite subjects since his early youth. His work was last exhibited in Munich and Salzburg, where he spoke directly with visitors, so the Natural History Collections are particularly delighted about this collaboration.  After all, the pencil is the hallmark of our permanent exhibition Aesthetics of Nature. The works are complemented by interactive stations, complete with microscopes to encourage discovery. Thanks to Dr. Matthias Sanetra, you can observe living caterpillars as they develop from egg to larva to pupa and, finally, adult. Let yourself be inspired to venture into the woods or see what you can find in your own garden! As part of our supporting program, Mr. Alfred Westenberger offers excursions to the Taunus Mountains in the summer months.

View into the Exhibition

"I want to take the viewer on a trip on which he can dive into the word of butterflies without forgetting that it takes place in a Museum and without having to pretend that it is real nature. You will find closeups of swarms, fly through the exhibit and the perspectives change from detail to overview. You will see fine drawings and wild colors." (Leonhard Linzer, Blog from July 28)


Hier finden Sie das Begleitprogramm zur Ausstellung, sobald es im Veranstaltungskalender veröffentlich wurde.

Weitere Termine

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