Stephan Balkenhol — Window in Time

Balkenhol meets Old Masters

10 Nov 23 — 2 Jun 24

Stephan Balkenhol, Venus 1, 2017, Galerie Löhrl, Photo: Stephan Balkenhol

The internationally renowned sculptor Stephan Balkenhol opens a special kind of window in time for us. Selected members of the family of figures he has created gather for a visit to the Old Masters collection of Museum Wiesbaden. Just like at any family reunion, the closest circle of family members, including their animal companions, come together across the generations to see each other again and, during their visit to the museum, exchange ideas about what they have seen. The encounter sparks an informal dialogue between contemporary art and its artistic precursors. Visitors themselves become part of the resulting spatial image, breaking down traditional viewer relationships and setting them in motion to unite all the participants in this collective contemplation of art.

Balkenhol's artistic work is deeply rooted in the humanist tradition of European art history. At times, he draws directly on this cultural heritage, translating it into his own unique style and giving us, as with his Venus de Milo, a contemporary interpretation of the ancient goddess. His figures vividly reflect our everyday lives, creating a tangible sense of intimacy. Balkenhol's figures are always also us ourselves.

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