Stephan Balkenhol — Temporal Juxtapositions

Balkenhol meets Old Masters at Museum Wiesbaden

10 Nov 23 — 2 Jun 24

Stephan Balkenhol, Venus 1, 2017, Galerie Löhrl, Photo: Stephan Balkenhol

The largely anonymous figures of women, men and animals of sculptor Stephan Balkenhol (*1957) are not concerned with heroic narratives or tributes to great thinkers. Instead, the exhibition puts them in conceptual interplay with Museum Wiesbaden’s permanent collection display, where Balkenhol’s figures appear amidst the seemingly familiar terrain of the Old Masters collection, enter into dialogue with mythological depictions and familiar narratives, and bridge the gap between old and new — one might call it “Back to the Future,” in a sense. Let yourself be surprised by the juxtaposition of Balkenhol’s seemingly inconspicuous, somehow familiar, yet disconcertingly alien figures with the works of the Old Masters.

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